Our Colleges Make A Big Impact In BC

The role of BC’s public colleges is to provide British Columbians with the essential and advanced skills needed to fill the skills gap and evolve with an ever-changing workplace. And, we’re clearly doing our job, over 90% of BC college students graduate and transition into the workforce within 6 months.

The BC college system has been in place for over 5 decades and serves over 160,000 students annually. With campuses and learning centres in over 60 communities throughout BC, our network of colleges provides close-to-home education that is directly linked to the labour market.

BC’s colleges serve people and communities from all walks of life- youth, adults, Aboriginals, immigrants and persons with disabilities- with a diverse range of programs- from adult basic education and foundation, through to career, technical, trade, university transfer and applied baccalaureate programs. Our programs provide relevant opportunities and pathways to employment or further education.

As the primary supplier of a well-educated, highly skilled workforce our system of community colleges is crucial to building sustainable communities and maximizing individual potential throughout BC.

Skilled Workforce

Preparing a highly skilled workforce to help BC's employers.

Strong Communities

Building strong and vibrant communities throughout British Columbia.

Competitive Advantage

Enhancing BC's competitive advantage in knowledge and skills.

Strong ROI

Providing an excellent return on investment for BC taxpayers.