Camosun College Supports Pink Shirt Day

When you wear a pink shirt this Wednesday, you’ll be standing in solidarity with thousands of others across Canada who wish to stand up against bullying in schools and in work places.

sidebar-pink-shirt-graphicPink Shirt Day began in February of 2007 in a Nova Scotia high school after a student was bullied for wearing a pink Polo shirt to his first day of Grade nine—he was taunted and ridiculed with verbal abuse and threats of physical violence. Two older boys noticed what was happening and decided to take a stand. After school, they went to the local thrift store and bought every pink shirt they could find. Then they emailed their classmates with their plan.

The next day they gave out dozens of shirts—tanks and tops—but in addition, hundreds of students showed up wearing their own pink clothes. The “Sea of Pink” story has since inspired anti-bullying action in communities across Canada and beyond.

The Camosun community is challenged to wear pink this Wednesday. For more ideas about how to get involved, please visit


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