Our BC college system offers a diverse range of programs, courses and credentials. These options help meet each student’s unique educational needs and career goals.

  • University Programs BC’s colleges offer many two-year Associate degree, joint degree and university transfer programs in the Arts and Sciences and professional and technology areas. Our institutions also offer baccalaureate degrees with an applied focus that transition quickly and effectively to the workplace.
  • Trades Training There is ongoing demand for skilled trades people in BC. Our one, two, three or four year trades certificate and apprenticeship programs prepare students to take advantage of the growing demand for highly skilled workers in fields such as plumbing, welding, electrical and construction.
  • Developmental Education In difficult economic times many adults choose college to upgrade their basic education, literacy, language, or essential skills, as a foundation to continue with a university, technical or trades education.  Our colleges offer an outstanding range of programs to meet students’ particular needs. 
  • Continuing Education Lifelong learning is alive at BC’s colleges. Thousands of students enroll each year in non-credit college courses– for personal and professional development or pure enjoyment. A broad range of credit courses is also available to improve the professional qualifications of adult students.
  • Para-professional, Career, Technical and Applied Studies Our colleges offer an array of career, technical programs designed to meet industry needs in a wide range of professional areas from health sciences and nursing, to computer technology, engineering sciences, environmental technicians and business administration. 
  • International Education Thousands of students from countries around the world choose BC for their college education. The superior quality of instruction, exceptional student services, small classes and friendly atmosphere make our colleges an ideal choice. For more on international education programs at our colleges click here.