Strong ROI

BC’s colleges have a proven track record as a well-established and accountable sector of the province’s post-secondary education system.

Our colleges are ready and able to take on more responsibility for labour market development that will contribute to healthier communities and stronger regional economies.

  • For every $1 spent, $15.40* is returned in added income and savings to society.
  • BC’s colleges and their graduates contribute $7.8 billion* of income annually to the provincial economy.
  • 93%* of BC’s college graduates stay, work and pay tax in BC.
  • According to a recent TD Economics report, post-secondary education is a good return on investment and a college diploma, which has lower upfront costs, offers an even higher return on investment than other sectors.

BC's colleges are helping to meet BC's labour market demand. This results in a higher standard of living, reduced social costs and vibrant and sustainable communities throughout BC.

* EMSI 2012-2013