A Showcase for Northwest Community College Arts

The Northwest Community College Library has teamed up with The Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art to shine a spotlight on student work. The library has catalogued all of the school art on campus and will be combining it with art photos in Arca.

Arca is a collaborative initiative that puts the development and implementation of a digital repository within reach for every institution, at a reasonable cost, and in a supported environment.

Melanie Wilke, Library Coordinator explains, “The library itself has about 25 student paintings and carvings and thought they should be showcased to a wider audience, and as it turns out the art school was looking for a way of cataloguing the student work, so the relationship happened quite easily.” The college will begin by sharing 50 pieces via Arca, with expectations that the collection will evolve.

Original content from: Arca achievements and actions 2016

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