BC Colleges Announces Win-Win Initiative With Ireland

Against the backdrop of BCCIE’s annual Summer Conference held in Kelowna, BC Colleges and Ireland’s Technological Higher Education Association (THEA) signed a MOU this week that will advance a broad range of innovative and collaborative opportunities for students to pursue pathways to complete degrees and post-degree credentials (up to PhD) in the EU. In addition, bi-directional opportunities for faculty visits, exchanges, and project collaborations will be pursued in the initial areas of focus on business; health; arts; and technology. BC Colleges is enthusiastic to enter what promises to be a productive partnership. BC member colleges have a close affinity with Ireland, mutually aware of both the demands and opportunities facing their institutions and where international collaboration is integral for ongoing success and growth. “BC Colleges is delighted to enter this MOU with our colleagues at THEA. We see this as an exciting opportunity to provide our students with access to new pathways for their education and while gaining critical international experience.” — Colin Ewart, President BC Colleges “We look forward to expanding our Canadian collaboration into BC and Canada through this MOU with BC Colleges. This is a win-win initiative where both Irish and BC institutions will have outstanding access to pursue higher education both in Ireland and the EU.” Joseph Ryan, CEO THEA Background THEA is the representative body for the 14 Institutes of Technology in Ireland, which operates a unique system in that they allow students to progress from two-year (associate degree programmes) through primary degree to graduate level. Credentials from THEA are recognized at the highest level of the Irish National Qualification Framework which in turn is aligned to the Bologna Framework. They are at the forefront in ensuring that Ireland’s modern economy continues to have the requisite array of leading-edge skills demanded by our knowledge-based industries. Similar in scope to THEA, BC Colleges is a consortium of 10 public, post-secondary colleges in British Columbia. The consortium advocates on matters of policy, partnerships, and funding while facilitating collaboration between the colleges so they can effectively prepare and educate a highly skilled, job-ready workforce for the province. For more information about this initiative please contact: Colin Ewart President BC Colleges Office: 1 250 595 4866 Cell: 1 778 350 2113 Read entire news release here: BC Colleges Announces Win-Win Initiative with Ireland Learn more about Ireland’s Technological Higher Education Association Learn more about BC Council for International Education