BC's Colleges are Ready to Provide Skilled Workers to take on Shipbuilding Jobs.

$8-billion contract for Seaspan Marine Corp. means 4000 new jobs that will require skilled workers. 

October 20, 2011, Victoria, BC | BC Colleges congratulates BC-based Seaspan Marine Corporation, its partners, the provincial government and the Premier on their success in securing an $8-billion shipbuilding contract for the provision of non-combat vessels for use by the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard.  The awarding of this much anticipated contract will be a huge boost to the BC economy and will create an average of 4,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs annually, according to Seaspan officials.

“This announcement is a major job creation and economic development catalyst for BC and gives the Premier’s Jobs Plan a great start,” states Jim Reed, President of BC Colleges, “BC Colleges wants to assure the Premier and the province that BC’s 11 public colleges stand ready to work together to provide the highly skilled workers needed to fill these jobs.”

BC’s colleges are British Columbia’s primary provider of skills training and education, and are ready to partner with industry to provide the training and certification required for the many welders, millwrights, technologists, business graduates and other highly skilled workers that will be needed to fill the direct and indirect jobs created by this contract.

And, as pointed out by provincial business and industry leaders, the education and training of skilled workers will be an essential component of this shipbuilding initiative.  By partnering with business and industry BC’s colleges can put in place long-term training plans that will ensure that industry has the supply of skilled workers when it needs them to the benefit of both industry and labour.

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