BPEC grad lands teaching job in Tri-Cities

BPEC grad lands teaching job in Tri-Cities

David Grender graduated from the Douglas College Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching program, went on to get his education degree at UBC and landed a teaching job in Coquitlam shortly after he finished school. That’s no mean feat in the Tri-Cities, where new teachers can have a tough time finding work. What’s more, Dave is just one of several Douglas BPEC grads to recently find jobs in the Coquitlam School District. What’s the deal? Read on to meet Dave and find out how he reached his goal.

Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching (BPEC), Douglas College, 2010
Bachelor of Education, University of British Columbia, 2012

Teacher on call, Coquitlam School District

The Douglas advantage
“The instructors were phenomenal. I think I was really lucky to have instructors who taught not only the subjects, but taught them in a way that was easy for everyone to understand. The program design and the teaching allowed us to feel comfortable in our practicums and made us better teachers. The lessons they taught were amazing.”

The value of field work
“With the BPEC degree you have to teach in a classroom and in a gym. It really prepares you for creating lesson plans and helps you understand a little bit more about teaching environments and how things are done and what is expected of you. So when I went from Douglas to UBC and all of a sudden I had to create these lesson plans and other things, for me it wasn’t a huge step because I had already done it.”

The secret to my success
“Not assuming that my degree from Douglas and my degree from UBC were enough to get me into a teaching position. I coached soccer for 10 years. And having a background in volunteering really helped. I’ve also created a network of teachers I met through my UBC practicum as well as from my Douglas days. When I finished my practicum at UBC, I applied to the school district, but didn’t hear back, so I volunteered some more with teachers, got more references and then there were more people saying, ‘Let’s get Dave in the door.’ So that seemed to work.”

I do what I love
“I love being around individuals I can teach things to, and I love showing them how to become model citizens and how to live up to people’s expectations, and just how to become an overall good person.”

Interested in taking the Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching Program at Douglas? For more information visit our website or come to an info session March 19 (Coquitlam) or March 21 (New West).

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