Northern Lights College: Brothers from India ‘Living the Dream’

When two brothers left their small farming community in India to study at Northern Lights College, it would be a truly life-changing experience.

In May of 2013, Rohitkumar and Sumitkumar Chaudhari, supported by their small village in the western state of Gujarat, came to Fort St. John. This was a first for the village, as no one there had ever left to live in another country. The Chaudharis also were the first international students from India at NLC.

The young men, 17 and 22 years old, both enrolled in business management programs. Rohitkumar, the elder of the two, built on his Bachelor of Technology degree with a post-degree diploma. Sumitkumar pursued a Diploma in Business Management.

Not many Indian people lived in Fort St. John in 2013, so the two did attract curious attention. They were very happy that faculty and staff helped them adapt to life in Canada. As lovers of nature and the outdoors, they embraced their new home and soon became part of the community.

In 2014, while studying at NLC, both brothers started part-time jobs at Avis. Their instructors helped them apply the skills they were learning to their lives and jobs. With dedication and hard work, they were constantly learning something new about being successful employees. After graduating in May 2015, Avis offered manager positions to both. One at the airport, one at a location in town.

Rohitkumar and Sumitkumar became permanent residents in the summer of 2017. In December, Rohitkumar became father to a little girl. The family was very grateful to have a hospital in the same town they live in, as this is very different from their home in India. His parents came to welcome their first grandchild born overseas.

In addition to family bliss, the brothers received news they had been accepted to run an agency of Avis together. A year later, it is doing very well.

All of us at Northern Lights College wish them well in their new life in Canada and are so glad they have decided to make Fort St. John their home.

Original article from Northern Lights College