Camosun College: Aboriginal Youth Engaging in Technology

Aboriginal Youth Engaging in Technology
Dr. Marla Weston, Computer Science instructor, and Dianne Biin, Indigenous Educational Facilitator in the Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning, have been invited to present their case study at the prestigious EdMedia World Conference on Educational Media and Technology in Victoria. They will be presenting their paper: Digital Storytelling: A Case Study of Aboriginal Youth Engaging in Technology.

The case study examines their ANCESTOR (Aboriginal Computer Education through Storytelling) project that introduces Aboriginal youth to careers in technology, an area that has very few Aboriginal professionals. Using a freeware 3D programming environment, created by Carnegie-Mellon University, Weston and Biin are able to guide Aboriginal learners in developing their own computer-generated games or stories. For Aboriginal learners, the programming environment is expressed in terms of a "world", which provides an effective parallel to an Indigenous world view. The students are also able to incorporate sounds, such as narration in one's mother tongue.

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