Camosun College Hospitality Management student helps Coordinate Victoria Tea Festival Revival

After several years of working in the food and beverage industry, Stevyn Wood decided he wanted to sharpen his skills and learn more about the broader business of hospitality and tourism.

“I always wanted to become a restaurant manager, and I thought Camosun would be a good fit for me,” says Wood. “Since I've been in the Hospitality Management program I've actually made the switch to working in hotels, which I've found may be a better industry for me in which to grow and learn.”

Now in second-year, Stevyn is using the skills he’s learning in his Event Management class to help out at an upcoming community event – this year’s Victoria Tea Festival Revival at Nootka Court, Saturday, February 9.  Stevyn is the Volunteer Coordinator for the big event, which is hosted by the International Tea Appreciation Society of Victoria.

“I’m helping to attract tea vendors for the festival,” says Wood. “So far the vendors include O5 Tea from Vancouver, Unity Jun, and the pottery studio, Fired Up!, plus many more. I'm also helping to recruit volunteers and promote the event. This is similar to what I did leading up to the Brews Mystery Tour in Victoria last year - one of my favorite events - where we had six different beer vendors to approach and coordinate, and we raised $3,400 for Camosun Child Care Services.”

“After I graduate from Camosun, I'd like to continue developing my skills in the hotel industry,” says Wood.  “I currently work at the Inn at Laurel Point and I could see myself continuing my career there for the foreseeable future. I'd also like to get some international experience abroad, and have debated moving to New Zealand or Australia for a year.”

The fourth annual Victoria Tea Festival Revival is set for 12noon to 4:30pm, 633 Courtney Street, inside Nootka Court on Saturday, February 9.

Original article from Camosun College