Camosun College Hosts Welding Summer Camp for Middle and High School Students

Camosun College's Interurban campus will be the site of Mind Over Metal from August 13-17, a week-long welding summer camp for students ages 12 to 15. Offered in partnership with the CWB Welding Foundation, the camp is free for attendees and is funded by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation in conjunction with Seaspan.

"Camosun College and the South Island Partnership are very excited to host this year's CWB Welding Foundation Mind over Metal summer camp, and we appreciate the support that the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation and Seaspan are providing for our youth,” said Nicola Priestley, director, South Island Partnership. “Camosun's trades facility will be an inspiring venue for our students to engage in hands-on activities, work alongside college and industry professionals, and explore the wonderful world of welding!"

The camp will introduce students to welding safety, Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), weld symbols, and a brief overview of the impact welding has on our daily lives. Once the theoretical portion is completed, the students will have fun with real arcs and sparks while they create their very own projects.

“These camps are specifically designed to provide youth with a hands-on introduction to welding and inspire them to pursue a career in welding. They are also making lasting memories and building confidence while being supervised by professionals in a safe environment,” said Deborah Mates, executive director, CWB Welding Foundation.

The CWB Welding Foundation hosted its first pilot welding camp in the summer of 2014 in Edmonton, Alberta and is now organizing over 80 camps across Canada during June, July, and August. Fifty-six are funded by CWB Welding Foundation, 18 funded by LNG Canada, one funded by Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation in conjunction with Seaspan, and nine funded by TransCanada.

Original article from Camosun College