Camosun College Tech Student Applies Engineering Skills through Camosun Innovates

Mechanical Engineering student Ben Costin is looking forward to a promising career and secure future in applied research and design. The second-year student worked part-time with Camosun Innovates this year to help solve an important technology challenge for local kite-board company, Ocean Rodeo. The Victoria-based business was facing a technical hurdle, preventing it from launching its newest invention to the world-wide kite-boarding industry. Ocean Rodeo was testing a new control bar, but the technology they had developed could not withstand normal stresses, resulting in numerous failures.

After approaching the Camosun Innovates team for assistance, the company agreed to take on a $25,000 NSERC grant for colleges. The funds allowed Camosun to hire Ben to conduct a series of destructive tests, mimicking the stresses and forces the control bar would face in the field. Through his controlled studies, using Camosun’s advanced technologies, Ben discovered the control arms were breaking in roughly the same location with identical patterns.

Ben then worked with a local expert in injection molding and together they created a new injected molded solution for the control bar which solved the breakage problem. Now Ocean Rodeo is successfully launching this exciting new innovation to the global kiteboarding industry, resulting in increased sales and expansion for the company. Because of this success, Ocean Rodeo is pursing another NSERC grant to continue designing and fabricating new products with the college, allowing Camosun Innovates to hire Ben on a three-year contract when he graduates from Mechanical Engineering Technology this year.