Camosun signs pathways agreements with top global English language providers

Camosun College has entered articulated pathways agreements with six top English language schools. Christiaan Bernard, Director, Camosun International, and Ian Humphries, Dean, School of Access, formally signed the agreements to establish policies and procedures between the providers and the college.

“The agreements will establish relationships that allow students from the English language schools to enter Camosun programs, having met the college’s general English requirements,” said Bernard. “It makes it possible for greater flexibility and suitability for the students’ personal education timeline.”

The six schools are ELS, Global Village, Kaplan ILAC, ILSC, and VGC – all of which have recruitment offices or education consultants in a combined 55 countries, allowing Camosun to cobrand with well respected global partners holding multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

These language providers also have a presence in markets where Camosun has only recently started recruitment efforts, such as Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States (the association of states that formed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union), and Latin America. They are adept at communicating the meaning of “college,” a designation that may not be understood in other cultures, along with other market-specific terminology.

“This agreement will give Camosun access to a pool of eager, motivated students that we couldn’t previously connect with, and will lead to more diversity on our campuses,” said Bernard. Currently, 70% of Camosun’s international students come from less than a dozen countries.

“For the English language schools, these agreements create direct pathways for their students to enter sought after programs at Camosun without additional English testing,” he added.

Language schools provide an immersive experience in English study. After completing programs at their respective schools, prospective students have two levels of entry to Camosun: academic credit programs or English Language Development courses for those who require additional support.

“There is evidence-based support that pathways agreements benefit institutions and students,” said Geoff Wilmshurst, Vice President, Partnerships. “These agreements will enable Camosun to attract successful students who have put thought into their education plan.”

The agreements came into effect on December 21, 2016 and the college has already welcomed four students from English language schools.

Camosun International is the international education division of Camosun College, welcoming more than 1,600 students from 80 countries each year.

Original article from: Camosun College

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