CNC featured at 11th annual Healthier You Expo

For the first time, the College of New Caledonia (CNC) is playing host and showcasing some of its key wellness programs at the 11th annual Healthier You Expo Oc.t 22.

The Expo, which connects more than 6,000 people to ideas and conversations about wellness in their community every year, offers the College an opportunity to shine a spotlight on its areas and programs related to health.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Healthier You Expo to CNC this year,” said CNC President Henry Reiser. “This is an exciting partnership for CNC and a great opportunity for our students to share their knowledge with the community.”

The Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program (NCBNP) is a four year registered nursing program shared between CNC and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC).

First year NCBNP students from CNC will be situated at the entrance of the Expo greeting folks. They are also there to guide people through the Expo and answer any questions if needed.

To establish a baseline wellness measurement, the community is encouraged to stop by the NCBNP booth where second year nursing students are conducting vital signs for the public.

“Our students are keen to share their nursing skills with the public,” said CNC NCBNP instructor Crystal Lawrence. “The Healthier You Expo creates the perfect educational environment to do that.”

Get ahead of flu season at the Healthier You Expo with a free flu shot administered by some fourth year NCBNP students. Members of the NCBNP graduating class of 2018 will also be on hand providing the public with pertinent education on medication safety and mental health.

“As future nurses, we are dedicated to providing our communities with the education and resources to enable everyone to be an active participant in their own wellbeing,” said fourth year NCBNP student Rebecca Ellement.

CNC Professional Cooking Instructor Ron Christian is also offering the public an education session with students detailing the food we need to be eating to maintain our health.

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