CNC Human Resources Student Sets Out to Write Unique Policy

College of New Caledonia (CNC) Human Resources Management Post-Diploma practicum student Caitlyn Soder is working with Theatre Northwest to write a policy on Intimate Choreography.

Since information regarding intimate choreography is limited, much of the development of this project involved communication with other theatres. With their feedback, Soder discovered most organizations do not have a formal intimate choreography policy, which makes this policy very unique.

“When you are on stage you are given permission to use certain language. You are given permission to behave in a certain way, whether it’s a kiss, a hug, holding someone’s hand, however when you are off stage that might not be okay,” Soder said. “When you’re giving permission for intimate choreography, you are giving permission under very specific circumstances. You can’t transfer that consent over to off-stage unless you ask for it separately.”

Theatre Northwest wanted to capture the Intimate Choreography experience to ensure that everyone has a safe working environment. A First draft of the policy has been written and the team is hopeful that a final draft will be approved in time for Theatre Northwest’s September 2018 season.

“So far, several theatres across Canada have expressed interest in this policy,” said Theatre Northwest General Manager Marnie Hamagami. “We are still a few months away from finalization, but are excited to share when we have completed the policy.”

Sodor’s work with Theatre Northwest is a great example of the real-world experience students gain while completing practicums during their studies at CNC.

“Having the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the workplace is essential for student success and future employment opportunities,” said CNC Dean of Community and Continuing Education Ed Benoit.

Original article from CNC