CNC Student Creates Dissectible Anatomical Model

Jordan Simmons, a CNC Anatomy and Physiology student, has made a dissectible anatomical human model, which he has nicknamed Skelly. The model, which was created as a pre-study tool for Nursing/Medical school, is on display outside of the Biology labs (room 3-203) at the college.

The model is a unique amalgamation of science and art, which Jordan made more for his own studying purposes than as an assigned project. It was built over the course of 6 months using an existing model skeleton as a “canvas.” The model was made from a number of common materials including elastic waistbands, plastic shoelaces, wire mesh, duct tape, paint, straws, wooden beads, balloons and foam. Jordan used the “Essential Anatomy 5” iPhone app to determine the position and relative size of Skelly's anatomical structures. “

Having the opportunity to display my work at CNC has been very exciting for me”, said Simmons. “I would like for others to enjoy medicine and to approach the study as I do.”

Jordan was also recently invited to present his work at an art show in Seattle in October as part of a fundraiser for the “Same Love” garden being built outside the All Pilgrims Church in Seattle. At the event, Jordan used Skelly to demonstrate surgical and dissection procedures. He used the “Touch Surgery” app (for Android and IOS devices) as a guide for conducting the surgical procedures and he used Gray's Anatomy textbook for the dissection.