College of New Caledonia Hosts Digital Delivery Instruction Open House

The College of New Caledonia hosted an interactive demonstration of its Digital Delivery Instruction (DDI) in Prince George, Burns Lake and Mackenzie on Nov. 22.

CNC President Henry Reiser welcomed visitors in Burns Lake while using the DDI technology that is expanding educational opportunities at all CNC campuses.

“Technological advancements have always stood at the forefront of higher education,” he said. “DDI is opening more educational opportunities at each of CNC’s campuses by providing a larger selection of classes for students and allowing them to learn where they live.”

During the 2015/16 academic year, CNC offered seven course through DDI with 180 registered students. The following year, CNC opened DDI to 23 courses and with 643 registered students.

For the first time this year, intersession DDI classes were introduced at the Lakes District Campus. It now joins Prince George and Quesnel, which continue to send and receive DDI courses during intersession.

“DDI has experienced tremendous growth at CNC,” Reiser said. “We’re excited about the opportunities it will provide our students.”

CNC student Nikki Chapdelaine spoke about her experience with DDI at the Lakes District campus. In the interactive classroom setting, she was able to take Biology 130 as a prerequisite for Practical Nursing.

“DDI opens the door to families that can’t move to take education,” she said. “It offers immediate response from your teacher and allows group discussion in real time.”

Educational opportunities in Burns Lake are also expanding because of DDI. Class minimums could be met over the entire CNC region resulting in fewer course cancellations, according to Lakes District Regional Principal Corinne George.

Opportunities also arise for instructors at the Lakes District campus, as they would have the capability of teaching through DDI to other CNC campuses in 2018.

“The instructor expertise at the Lakes District campus will be shared with the wider region as well,” George said.

Original article from College of New Caledonia