College of New Caledonia Launches International Road Safety Campaign

The importance of road safety is the highlight of a new joint education campaign for international students from ICBC, RCMP and the College of New Caledonia (CNC). The campaign kicked off at CNC’s Prince George campus with the premiere of three road safety videos featuring CNC international students.

“It is important to learn road safety rules anytime you’re in a new country,” said Barbra Old, Director of International Education. “Road safety has always been a part of international orientation but we have decided to make it the focus of an educational campaign this year.” The impetus behind this project was a recent tragedy involving one of CNC’s international students during intersession. A memorial bench will also be installed in memory of the student. The videos target three key aspects of road safety: distracted driving, pedestrian safety and speeding. Each video includes an important road safety message spoken in the different languages of CNC international students.

In British Columbia, distracted driving now causes more crashes than impaired driving, according to Doug Mac Donald, ICBC Road Safety and Community Coordinator. It also important to know that 69 percent of crashes involving pedestrians in B.C. happen at intersections, he said, while a car going 30 km/h can take 18 metres to come to a complete stop. "We’re proud to support this initiative to help educate drivers and pedestrians new to our province. We all play an important role in making B.C. roads safer," Mac Donald said.

The videos will run on a rotational basis during the preshow at Famous Players 6 Cinemas from December to February.

Original article from College of New Caledonia