College of New Caledonia receives Tanzanian delegation

CNC is hosting three representatives from the Shinyanga Vocational Training Centre in Tanzania from October 24-26. As part of the visit, the two institutions will share practices and experiences in Heavy Duty Mechanic (HDM) curriculum and instruction, human resources, and environmental sustainability.

This is the second in-Canada mission of a three year international capacity building partnership initiated and managed by the international education department at CNC. During this visit, the trades department, the centre for teaching and learning and the continuing education department will contribute their expertise through class demonstrations and observations, instructional skills training, teaching tools/techniques and teaching assessments. The human resources department will be sharing best practices for respectful workplaces, gender equity, disability management and occupational health and safety, while CNC’s applied research and innovation department will support the development of the preliminary stage of an environmental sustainability practice that could be implemented in Tanzania.

“Sharing our methodologies and curriculum will have a positive effect on both faculty and students here in Canada and overseas in Tanzania,” said Jay Notay, vice president academic, applied research and students. “Our faculty have the opportunity to obtain an internationalized perspective in their areas of expertise by observing heavy duty mechanic practices in a foreign country. These experiences not only will benefit our faculty but our students as well.”

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