College of New Caledonia Students Host Year-End Design Showcase

College of New Caledonia Web and Graphic Design (WEGD) students shared two years of work with the community during a year-end Design Showcase on April 27th. The evening included student work in graphic design, web design, animation, interactive digital media, illustration, and typography produced from both class assignments and practicum placements.

“The year-end showcase is a great opportunity for our second-year students to share their hard work with friends, family, and potential employers,” said WEGD coordinator and instructor Sean Siddals. “It’s also a chance for the community and prospective students to see what we do in the Web and Graphic Design program.”

For the showcase, second-year WEGD student Kyrsia Primus produced an original children’s book titled Armchair Adventures: Journey to Rufftonia.

Growing up, Primus was captivated by the stories her grandfather would tell her as a child. Keeping that tradition alive, she crafted stories to tell her nieces and nephews during weekly family dinners. From this, the Armchair Adventures was born.

“We were sitting in a big armchair one night so I made up a story about an armchair that turned into a spaceship,” Primus said. “It took the kids off to have all these adventures.”

The project challenged her to use many of the skills learned in CNC’s WEGD program. The book’s illustrations were initially sketched by hand and painted in Adobe Photoshop. She used Adobe Illustrator to create the armchair’s dome, Adobe Character Animator and Adobe After Effects to create an Armchair Adventures animation, and Adobe InDesign to layout the book.

“Overall, it was a really good learning experience,” she said. “I’m very excited to showcase it and put it out there to the world.”

Original article from College of New Caledonia