College of the Rockies: Cranbrook Forestry Boot Camp Seeds Work Experience For 24

Twenty-four people are clearing a path to work experience in forestry in the
Cranbrook area as a result of more than $700,000 in Community and Employer Partnership

Participants are getting classroom and work experience through College of the Rockies,learning about tree identification, silviculture, brush saw and chainsaw operating, plant identification, leadership and Level 3 First Aid. This work experience will prepare participants to work in the forestry sector in such jobs as junior field technicians, chainsaw operators, research
assistants or silviculture surveyors.

Participants will take part in a group-based, full-time work experience program consisting of 15 weeks of classroom training, two weeks of work practicum experience in forestry, and a minimum of two weeks of follow up job search support. There will be two 19-week sessions.  Session 1 started on Sept. 14. Session 2 will begin on Jan. 4, 2016.

Project-Based Labour Market Training helps groups of people with on- or off-the-job employment training and is a component of Community and Employer Partnerships, which were introduced in April 2012 as part of the Employment Program of BC.

To date, more than 800 job seekers have benefited from work experience and nearly 180 projects have been funded throughout the province.

B.C. is reaching a tipping point where more people are leaving the workforce than people entering it. That is why government is taking action now to address this rapidly changing labour market. One year ago, government created the B.C. Skills for Jobs Blueprint to ensure more British Columbians have the skills they need to be first in line for in-demand jobs in B.C.'s
diverse, strong and growing economy.

The Community and Employer Partnerships program is featured in B.C's Skills for Jobs Blueprint and provides more support to people who are struggling to gain a foothold in the job market. It helps build stronger partnerships with industry and labour to connect British Columbians with classroom and on-the-job training, while making it easier for employers to hire the skilled
workers they need - when and where they need them.

Michelle Stilwell, Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation -
"Project-Based Labour Market Training provides funding to organizations to help with local projects that provide employment training for groups of people to help them obtain sustainable employment. This group in Cranbrook will be learning valuable skills for working in the forestry industry."

Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines and MLA for Kootenay East -
"Kootenay East will benefit from this Community and Employer Partnership preparing 24 people for work in the forestry sector prepared to work in fields such as silviculture, chainsaw operators and researchers, to name just three."

David Walls, president and CEO, College of the Rockies -
"The support of the Project-Based Labour Market Training fund allows College of the Rockies to provide free, high-quality training to members of our community. This comprehensive program in Advanced Forestry Skills will open the door to numerous employment opportunities for our participants, which in turn provides a great benefit to the community as a whole."

Pamela Currie, program participant -
"Acceptance into the Advanced Forestry Skills Training program allows me the opportunity to enter into a strong, growing industry with more than an entry-level skill set. The forestry industry can provide me with unlimited growth potential and with hard work I definitely plan on seizing those growth opportunities. The training provided in this program will build a strong
foundation of knowledge in the forest industry while building the self-confidence of each
student as we prepare to move ourselves forward in a new career."
Quick Facts:

  • In 2015-16, the ministry has committed to investing $331 million in employment and labour market programs under the Employment Program of BC.

  • The Employment Program of BC is funded by the Province of British Columbia as well as the Government of Canada through the Labour Market Development Agreement.

  • Funding supports 84 WorkBC Employment Services Centres throughout the province and the four components of the Community and Employer Partnerships fund: Job Creation Partnerships:

  • Job Creation Partnerships

  • Labour Market Partnerships

  • Project-Based Labour Market Training

  • Research and Innovation

Who is eligible?

  • Businesses

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Municipalities, agencies or territorial governments

  • Bands/tribal councils

  • Public health and educational institutions

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