College of the Rockies Entrance Award Helps Student Fund Her Academic Journey

She entered College of the Rockies from secondary school with a COTR Academic Excellence Entrance scholarship which covered her tuition. “This scholarship kick-started my post-secondary education and allowed me to try a variety of university-level courses, which aided in determining my goals and future career path,” Byford said.

“I was able to stay at home and continue to be active in my community while receiving a university-level education, which was very important to me,” she continued. “Thanks to the College’s transfer agreements, I was able to get full credit for all my courses at the University of Lethbridge.

“The scholarship relieved a significant portion of the heavy education costs I will endure while completing my undergraduate degree. Thank you very much for supporting my education and the education of so many others,” Byford concluded.

Original article from the College of the Rockies