College to Career Centre Takes Off in New Space

College to Career Centre Takes Off in New Space

Nov 01 2013
Selkirk College has opened the doors to a new service that connects students, instructors and employers in one place. The College to Career Centre is located on the Castlegar Campus and provides a welcoming space equipped with the tools for success.

Selkirk College students on the hunt for jobs, internships and careers now have a resource to point them in the right direction.

The College to Career Centre opened its door in September on the Castlegar Campus and provides students a space with the resources to make the successful jump into their new lives. The Centre has everything a student needs from the job search to the interview process and everything in-between.

“It’s a big welcoming room with windows and bright surroundings,” says Olga Sherstobitoff, the Co-Op Education & Employment Services (CEES) administrative assistant who helps run the Centre. “We want to get the students off to the best start possible and what we offer at this Centre offers can help them immensely.”

A One-Stop Student Resource

Sherstobitoff teams up with CEES Manager Brenda Smith at the Centre. Students have access to the two computer stations in the Career Centre which are used to search for jobs, prepare resumes and correspond with future employers. Students are offered help with the new Career Portal job search tool which has access to jobs close to home and afar. Smith can help students with resume writing and preparation. Sherstobitoff fields calls from employers looking for students and helps bring both sides together.

One of the big advantages of the Centre is that students are able to be interviewed for jobs in the new space via Skype or with local employers coming in to meet face-to-face.

“Interviews are stressful for all of us, but for students it’s even that much more,” says Sherstobitoff. “For them to be sitting in this wonderful space, it makes it that much more comfortable and they feel that much better about the interview. In turn, that will make them more successful.”

Prior to the opening of the College to Career Centre, Sherstobitoff offered her windowless office for students to conduct interviews.

“I would be sitting in the hallway while these students were going through their interviews on Skype,” laughs Sherstobitoff. “It was less than an ideal situation.”

Before the Centre opened, the CEES team would have to scurry to find open classroom space for local employers who came to the Castlegar Campus to interview students. The new space provides ample space for those important meetings that not only help students, but assists local companies in finding the right fit.

Instructors a Vital Piece

Sherstobitoff corresponds with Selkirk instructors on a regular basis at the Centre to ensure they are an important part of the process.

“The instructors are the ones putting the effort into getting the students ready for jobs and new careers,” she says. “We are the in-between step in the process.”

Just the Beginning

Already finding success in the new space, Sherstobitoff says the Centre will continue to evolve and adapt in order to provide the best service possible.

“We are still looking for input into what they want to see at the Career Centre,” says Sherstobitoff. “This centre belongs to everybody, it belongs to the students, it belongs to the instructors, and it belongs to the employers.” 

To celebrate the opening the College to Career Centre, CEES staff are holding a kick-off event on November 14th in the new space located at LLB 019. The celebration will take place between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm and will include a live band and free pizza.

For more information on the College to Career Centre please contact Olga Sherstobitoff at 250-365-1426 or email her at

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