Community Education Brings You : Compassion in Action at Selkirk

Community Education Brings You "Tonglen: Compassion in Action"

Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Kalein Hospice Centre, 402 Richards St. in Nelson, BC

While often delivered in a formal structure, Tonglen can also be practiced in a simpler, spontaneous way by people of any spiritual belief, working with unwanted feelings directed toward oneself or others. Learn the basics of this compassionate approach to dealing with many kinds of challenging situations, including the emotions often associated with loss.

Rae Hatherton’s practice in Toronto, Canada, centres on Tibetan Energy Medicine and incorporates Buddhist principles to balance the body/mind. Her approach combines the knowledge passed on to her by teachers of many different models of work into one coherent system to balance the body/mind. 

Rae Hatheron Tonglen at Selkirk Community Education

About Rae Hatherton

Rae Hatherton, NCTMB, C.M.I., C.Ht., ND, is a master healer and teacher whose practice centers on Tibetan Energy Medicine, an integrated approach to health and wellbeing on all levels. Tibetan Energy Medicine, is the integration of many ancient healing traditions assisting the individual in bringing to consciousness underlying patterns of behavior, energy, feeling or thought that are disrupting their balance and hence their health. 

She has practiced and taught in Toronto and Kentucky for the past 18 years and taught internationally in Canada, the US, the UK and Australia. She has written two books, Alive, An Energy Plan for Life (link) and The Alive Recipe Collection, Sculpting Your Body With Food (link.) She is a devoted student of Sogyal Rinpoche and continues to study and learn. 

Learn more about Rae Hatherton, Tibetan Energy Medicine and the Kalein Hospice Centre

Please pre-register for this event through or by calling 250.354.3220. Registration is $20 + GST. This workshop is offered in partnership with the Kalein Centre.

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