Creative? Tech-savvy?

Creative? Tech-savvy?

Poster: Not Just a Pretty Type Face - Digital Graphic Design Graduation Exhibition.

Wanted: creative, tech-savvy types.

Talented digital graphic designers are in demand in almost every industry you can think of.

Students in VCC's digital graphic design program (we like to call it DGD) train in our Downtown campus Mac computer lab equipped with innovative software, drawing tablets, digital cameras,  colour printers and much more.

Students in our nine-month, full-time program explore design concepts and solutions for both print and web media and work together to create artwork for a public exhibition held each spring. This year's grad show is called Not Just a Pretty Type Face.

DGD students also use their time learning at VCC to build a solid portfolio for their resume or for admission into a degree-granting art institute.

Attend our next information session or apply online by June 15, 2013. Successful applicants will then be contacted to submit a porfolio.

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