Finding Solutions To Ease Financial Pressure At Selkirk College

Helping current and prospective students solve the puzzle of how to afford a post-secondary education, Selkirk College Financial Aid Officer Janine Hendry can empower people to enhance their lives through education.

The cost of a post-secondary education shouldn’t be a barrier to pursuing dreams and that’s why Selkirk College Financial Aid Officer Janine Hendry is always ready to help find solutions to a common student predicament.

“The cost of college can be daunting and some people think that a post-secondary education is unattainable because of the financial burden,” says Hendry. “I’m here to find the different avenues for students and their families so that kind of pressure is not something that prevents people from realizing their potential.”

Selkirk College Financial Aid Officer Janine Hendry sets up at different events throughout the year to build awareness and can also be reached at her Castlegar Campus office.

Hendry’s role at Selkirk College is to help students through the student loan process, troubleshoot the student loan appeals process, provide options and opportunities through scholarships and bursaries, point students towards work study programs, and help with budgeting. The Financial Aid Office is located on the Castlegar Campus, but its services are available to students on all campuses and all prospective students.

“I’m here to help students and parents plan for education, help them throughout their educational experience and afterwards when they need to start paying back their student loans,” says Hendry.

A New Opportunity for Financial Aid Officer

Hendry is new to the position, taking over from outgoing Financial Aid Officer Joleen Kinakin who moved to the college’s Donor Relations position over the summer. A Selkirk College employee since 2000, Hendry has worked in a number of departments including the Selkirk College Foundation, Finance, Aviation, Word Processing, International Education and Payroll. With a strong background in finance and accounting, Hendry is able to provide sound advice and direction to students.

“It’s rewarding to be able to talk with students and calm their anxieties a little bit,” she says. “We can’t help everybody, but at least they know there is somebody here doing their best to work on solutions.”

The work Hendry does on daily basis is available to all students regardless of background and circumstance. One of the challenges of her department is to let people know that help is only a phone call or email away. She also puts on several presentations at the college and in high schools over the course of the year.

“There are a lot of people who are not aware that this service exists and awareness is part of my job,” says Hendry. “I get out in the community so they know that I am here to help them on their pathway to their new future.”

You can reach Hendry by email (, phone (250.365.1290) or by making an appointment through a Selkirk College counsellor.

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