Freda Diesing Students Receive Northwest Community College President’s Art Award

Two talented artists from the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art became the newest recipients of the Northwest Community College President’s Art Award. The awards were established three years ago by President Ken Burt and are intended to recognize the hard work and incredible talent of students at the school.

The $1,000 first place award was given to Jamie Nole, for her piece “Unfrogettable”, painted on wood using her trademark green painted elements. The piece pays tribute to her Nisga’a and Tahltan lineage as a member of the Ganada (Frog house).

“Since I’m from the frog house, frogs mean a lot to me and will always be my favourite animal,” says Nole of her winning piece. “I only use (green) in paintings that are inspired by my love for my family.”

Amanda Hugon, Cheam Sto:Lo First Nation member, receives the $500 honourary mention award for her six-panel piece painted on wood in the traditional Nisga’a bentwood box design, circa 1932. Hugon painted the traditional bentwood box design on several smaller pieces because it physically portrays the piecing back together of Northwest Coast Art traditions that had been lost.

“I am proud, excited and lost for words to be honest,” said Hugon of receiving the award. She also received the honourary mention in 2016.

"I am so very pleased to recognize the hard work and talent of our students at the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art," said NWCC President Ken Burt. “The artwork that is coming out of this program gets better and better every year and it was tough work selecting the winners this year."

The paintings become part of the college’s permanent collection. A limited number of prints of Nole’s piece will also be produced to use as gifts.

PHOTO: NWCC President Ken Burt with Amanda Hugon (left) and Jamie Nole (right)

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