Gifts for College of New Caledonia Student Success

The College of New Caledonia is launching a unique online fundraising experience. The Gifts for CNC Student Success campaign is a fundraiser with direct benefits going to students at the school. Donors are asked to donate for items that will enhance the educational experience through experiential learning for students at the College of New Caledonia.

Donors can shop online to donate funds to purchase greatly wanted items at the College. Items on the shopping, or ‘Wishlist’ cover six categories including special projects, student services, health sciences, trades, school of university studies and career access (SUSCA),  and students in need.

Funds received through the Gifts for CNC Student Success campaign will provide experiential, hands-on learning for students. Items are unique to each program and range in price from fifty dollars and up. Each request has been identified by instructors, who are closest to the classroom needs.

“The tactile experience of handling equipment is crucial to learning,” said CNC Biology
Technician Trudi Johnson. “Classroom tools help build dexterity and experience - the more
senses involved in learning, the more impactful it is.”

“We encourage donors to give where they live,” said Alyson Gourley-Cramer, Executive
Director of Communications at CNC. “The campaign covers the College region, and residents
outside of Prince George are also invited to participate and give to their local campuses as the
needs vary through the six campuses in our CNC community.”

To become a donor, visit the Gifts for CNC Student Success campaign website:

Original content from: College of New Caledonia

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