Gold Medal Plates helps student chefs shine

Last year’s Gold Medal Plates finale could have turned out differently had it not been for one savvy student assistant.

Okanagan College apprentice chef Stephanie Huff was assisting Toronto Chef Lorenzo Loseto as he was creating his gold medal winning plate, which featured gently fried potato-wrapped ahi tuna.

When a key cooking tool was nowhere to be found, Huff knew she’d have to think on her feet.

“My chef didn’t have the proper thermometer he needed to be able to calibrate the oil to the right temperature and get the right cook on the tuna,” she said. “He was going to have to wing it.”

With most of the cooking supply stores closed for the day, Huff phoned a local restaurant and jumped in her car. Her competitive spirit kicked in and she made it back in time to hand the thermometer over to the chef just when he needed it to complete his winning dish. 

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