i-Guide Mentorship Program at Langara College

The i-Guide Mentorship Program matches current students with new international students during their first semester at Langara College. I-Guide mentors have studied at Langara for at least one semester - they provide guidance, advice, support, and friendship to new or less experienced students.

For many international students the first semester in a new country can be lonely and can cause stress as they struggle with the cultural adjustment. The i-Guide program helps new students adapt more easily and feel connected to the college community.


How does the program work?

  • Students will be paired by the International Education department based on the information provided in the application forms

  • Mentors and mentees will first meet in person at a welcome social and reception at the beginning of the semester

  • Mentors will reach out to their assigned student at least once per week for one semester

  • Activities may include:

    • Meeting for coffee or lunch

    • Answering questions about Langara, Vancouver, and Canadian culture

    • Helping new students with the essential (library, transit, shopping, banking, or mobile phone services)

    • Participating in social, cultural, or recreational activities at Langara or in Vancouver

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