International students at Northern Lights College give back to Dawson Creek Community

The class of international students were less than enthused at the idea of Khaliq presenting them with a practical challenge of their strategic management knowledge.

“I pushed them out of their comfort zone,” said Khaliq smiling. “When the students began the project, they had no idea who to contact or how to go about raising money.”

More challenging was the fact that the students were reminded that the class project was worth fifteen per cent of their final grade and completion was mandatory, if they wanted to pass the course.

“Initially, I worried that I was being tough on them,” admitted Khaliq. “But instead of backing down, these students really rose to the occasion.”

The challenge was to raise $100 for a local charity working in groups of three to four students. With the added permission and encouragement of deans Steve Roe and Lisa Verbisky, students started to thrive and respond to the pressure as they would in a real business environment.

“This is a fantastic example of applied learning where students were faced with a real world challenge of raising funds,” said Roe.

“These students really pushed ahead, using their individual strengths, talents, and networking,” agreed Verbisky. “I’m incredibly proud to say this is a fine example of student-centered learning for a good cause.”

Khaliq said some students chose to utilize their cultural skills by offering Mehndi (henna tattoos) or by cooking and delivering Indian food in minus 30°C weather. Some of the foods and desserts were so popular; students had to stop taking orders because there was no time to meet the demand. Other students chose to create donation boxes, sell popcorn, collect bottles and cans for the deposit refund.

“These students amazed me and raised a total of $1,800 surpassing our initial goal of $700!” exclaimed Khaliq. “They ended up enjoying their project so much students asked me to extend the deadline.”

“Nearly all the students genuinely enjoyed giving back to the community through various charities and mentioned they would do it again,” she added. “Students were also very impressed with how local people and businesses supported their actions - some may even take their fundraising projects forward and start small businesses.”

Original content from: Northern Lights College

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