Langara Celebrates the First 10 Years of the International Education Volunteer Program

Vancouver, BC - On June 26 Langara celebrated the 10th anniversary of the International Education Volunteer Program (IEVP) with a special reception at the College to recognize the service and achievements of current and former program members.

More than 200 international students have participated in the program since its inception in June, 2005, and they have contributed more than 6,000 volunteer hours to the College community. Many of the IEVP initiatives have centred around developing auxiliary programs to support incoming international students with their transition to Canadian college culture and living in Vancouver. Many of the International Education Department's current engagement programs, including the termly on-campus i-Cafe meet and greet social gatherings and the off-campus i-Explore excursion program, were conceived of and developed by IEVP students, who continue to support and staff these events. Thousands of students - both international and domestic - have participated in these programs and activities.

"IEVP has been an integral part of Langara's international student services since 2005," said Teresa Brooks, the International Department's Manager of Student Services. "The program was developed with the intention of providing students with volunteer opportunities as well as increasing our student engagement offerings. Little did we know that it would have such a great positive impact on so many - both students and staff alike. I am so honoured and proud to be a part of the IEVP."

46 IEVP students - including alumni from groups spanning the previous decade - attended the on-campus anniversary celebration. A video message from an original 2005 volunteer was played, as well as a slide show of the past 10 years of IEVP groups and activities.

Both domestic and international students are welcome to participate in the program.

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