Langara College and Technological University Dublin Agree to International Partnership

Langara College and Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) signed an international partnership to encourage and facilitate a long-term working relationship. Cooperation between the two institutions could explore academic training, the exchange of academic materials, collaborative research, and other mutually beneficial activities.

"We are pleased to be working with TU Dublin because of our shared values around student and faculty success," said Dr. Ben Cecil, Langara Provost & Vice-President, Academic and Students. "We are so happy to partner with TU Dublin to advance innovative faculty, staff, and student engagements through initiatives such as our Collaborative On-line International Learning (COIL) program, international summer schools, and articulations that provide more pathways for student achievement, locally and abroad. With this agreement, we are building the foundation of a long-term relationship that will flourish into the future."

The agreement comes as Langara College continues to forge partnerships with institutions across Canada and internationally that will provide further opportunities for students and faculty.

"TU Dublin is delighted to be entering into a partnership with Langara College that will be highly influential in improving the student experience in both institutions," said Dr. Cormac Doran, Head of the Centre for Higher Education Research, Policy, and Practice, TU Dublin. "By working on collaborative projects such as faculty and student mobility, international summer schools, and applied research commercialization, the relationship between us promises to be impactful in the years to come."

Original article from Langara College