Langara College Celebrates 49 Years with 49 Langarans Awards

From founders to change makers and visionaries, Langara College is proud to honour 49 Langarans who have made an impact at Langara, in their profession, and in the community over the past 49 years.

While the award winners range from former students and past and present employees to community partners and outstanding faculty, their diverse stories help make our community what it is today. They will be honoured on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, at Langara College.

“49 Langarans is our opportunity to recognize the exceptional members of our community over the last 49 years,” said Dr. Lane Trotter, President and CEO, Langara College. “The 49 recipients are ambassadors for the College, and represent the impact that Langara has had in the community; it’s our pleasure to celebrate their achievements and our contribution to their success.”

For a complete list and bios of the 49 Langarans, visit the website here.

“Langarans are making important contributions to our community in so many different ways. They are nurses, social workers, business leaders, childcare workers, journalists, actors, entrepreneurs, scientists and more,” said Lisa Fisher, Vice President, External Development. “We are so proud to have played a part in helping them get to where they are today. The 49 Langarans awards celebrate 49 remarkable people who have had a major impact on our community or institution.”

Over 200 nominations were received earlier this year to help create the list. The selection committee, headed by journalist Simi Sara, 2013 Outstanding Alumni Award recipient, included former College leaders, staff, and faculty.

“I always knew that Langara was a special place that attracted passionate people, dedicated to teaching and learning. This was brought home to me many times over as I read the heartfelt nominations of past and present students, graduates, faculty, staff and administrators,” said Jane Heyman, selection committee member and Langara College Emerita.

“The depth and breadth of experience, innovation, service and commitment both to Langara and the broader community was overwhelming. I was always very proud to be part of the Langara family - the experience of sitting on the selection committee made me feel even more so,” added Heyman.

Original article from Langara College