Langara College Celebrates Dean's Honour Roll From the Faculty of Science

On Thursday, January 17, Langara’s Faculty of Science recognized 83 outstanding students for the 2018 Dean’s Honour Roll program.

Students were invited to join the faculty in the Employee Lounge for a private reception where they were acknowledged for their outstanding academic achievements. Faculty and students from the Applied Sciences Divison, and Mathematics & Sciences Division, including Bioinformatics, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Health & Sciences, Kinesiology, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics & Astronomy, and Computing Science & Information Systems came together to celebrate at the outstanding event.

“I always look forward to this wonderful event. Taking the time to celebrate the hard work and success of our Honour Roll students is important to the Faculty of Science,” said Gerda Krause, Dean, Faculty of Science.

Students are evaluated for placement on the Dean’s Honour Roll at the end of each semester. To achieve the Dean’s Honour Roll, students must be in good standing in addition to:

  • Completing a minimum of 12 Langara credit hours in the semester being evaluated, with at least 9 of those credits having been completed in normally graded courses; and,
  • Achieving a minimum semester grade point average (SGPA) of 3.50, calculated on all normally graded courses completed in the semester being evaluated.

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