Langara College Celebrates GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Day

Langara hosted its inaugural GIS Day event Geospatial Matters on November 15, 2017. Presentations by the Department of Geography & Geology and Continuing Studies highlighted the application of geographical information systems (GIS) in teaching and academic research, and focused on the innovative application of technology, data collection, geospatial information visualization, and thought leadership.

Betty Ling of the Vancouver Police Department delivered the keynote presentation on the power of the GeoDASH app and its role in crime reduction (

Langara College plays a crucial role as a pathways college providing the foundations of learning and knowledge. Langara recognizes the utility and expanding role of GIS in a variety of disciplines and actively supports the integration of GIS into a variety of programs.

“GIS is playing an increasing role in our daily lives and expanding into new fields of business and scientific inquiry”, said Langara Instructor Andrew Egan. “The prevalence and capabilities of GIS are expanding, making any in-depth knowledge and skills a definite advantage when seeking employment.”

Currently, Langara College offers courses for students to expand their working knowledge of GIS in the departments of Geography and Geology, Applied Planning, and Continuing Studies. These courses focus on the role GIS plays in developing spatial and technological knowledge and act as an excellent starting point for students pursuing a variety of career paths.

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