Langara College fills niche with new Volunteer Coordinator training program

Vancouver, BC - This weekend, more than 1500 volunteers will come together to help create the 38th annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival (VFMF), a summer highlight in Vancouver. The Festival values volunteering as an opportunity for people to connect, engage, and discover joint solutions through a shared experience. Recruiting and training so many people, year after year, creates unique logistical challenges for organizations like VFMF that rely on volunteers.

To help, Langara College Continuing Studies is launching a new Volunteer Coordinator Certificate Program (VCCP) this September. As organizations seek to build a reliable and readily available volunteer base, it’s important to build an effective program that will promote loyalty, enhance business objectives, and provide a worthwhile experience for volunteers and staff alike. The program is aimed at individuals currently employed in non-profits, event management, amateur sport, corporations, and those who serve on a Board. It will build individuals’ skill-sets to include volunteer recruitment, training, management, and motivation, and expand their employment opportunities.

“Volunteers are essential to the operation, and integral to the success and ability of the festival in carrying out its mission and vision. The festival values the time, talent, experience, knowledge, and commitment contributed by our volunteers,” said Brade Stanton, VFMF Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteerism is an important component to a healthy British Columbia. Volunteers are needed across sectors, from arts, business, and recreation to non-profit, healthcare, and the environment. Approximately 1.5 million volunteers across the province contributed 114 million hours a year to better their communities (Source: Volunteer BC). The volunteer sector is one of the largest social and economic drivers in BC.

The part-time program will prepare learners to enter into work as a volunteer coordinator for organizations that that rely on volunteers, or to augment administrative skills with a volunteer coordinator component. Graduates have the opportunity to expand employment opportunities and take on new roles with a focus on volunteer management.

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