Langara College Hosts the Vancouver District Science Fair for the Seventh Consecutive Year

On Friday, March 1, Langara College welcomed student scientists at the 17th annual Vancouver District Science Fair (VDSF). The fair showcases over 160 student projects and is held on campus each year in the spring.

The Langara Mathematics and Sciences Division has hosted the event since 2013. Over the past few years, Langara has seen hundreds of students attend this annual event to learn about the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students range from grades 6-12 and enter into the junior or senior competition, depending on their grade. The fair is organized and run by a small team of dedicated Vancouver School Board teachers. Langara College supports the endeavour by providing the facilities, equipment, and audio-visual equipment, as well as a number of volunteers and facilitated workshops for the students, all free of charge.

“There were excellent projects and presenters. Projects that exhibited complexity and thorough background research,” says a VDSF judge. “I was very impressed with the amount of preparation and level of detail students placed in their projects.”

Students gain a wealth of hands-on experience through their participation in the Fair. The VDSF provides students with the opportunity to showcase their work and connect with other scientific minds. Students receive valuable feedback from VDSF judges which help them fine-tune their presentations. During the fair students participate in hands-on breakout sessions and demonstrations, which take place in the College’s Science & Technology building. This year’s breakout sessions covered topics such as molecular gastronomy, and learning how to apply biochemistry, thermal dynamics and material science to make the perfect boiled egg.

This year’s fair saw 162 student projects, ranging from using sand and sugar to make clean water, to using probiotics to generate clean water. Langara College is excited to continue their support for future Vancouver District Science Fairs.

Original article from Langara College