Langara College Launches Sexual Respect Student Ambassador Pilot Program

Langara College has developed a Sexual Respect Student Ambassador Program to run in conjunction with the Sexual Respect Ambassador Program for employees. The Student Ambassador Program began on November 7, 2017 and will be piloted for one year.

The purpose of the Sexual Respect Student Ambassador Program is to encourage conversation about consent, foster a safe space for disclosures, and provide an opportunity for students to learn about respecting sexual boundaries. Student ambassadors will learn about the College’s policy on sexual violence and misconduct, become familiar with how to report incidents on campus, and have input into how the College’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy (B3009) is shared with students.

“Every individual has the right to be treated with respect and to feel safe on campus. We want to empower students to help their peers and friends should they need assistance,” says Maggie Ross, Director of Student Conduct & Judicial Affairs.

“Offering support to those who are dealing with any kind of sexual violence is vital and many times I believe it could be easier and less intimidating for a student to speak with another student. I’m proud to have the chance to be this person for my peers – someone who will listen, help to look for options, and stand by them through their time of need.” Gisella Prado, Sexual Respect Student Ambassador.

Langara currently has a number of resources available to students and employees who disclose incidents of sexual violence. This includes counselling, health services, a 24H safewalk, and special accommodations. The College also has additional online resources for students and employees, and offers educational workshops.

Original article from Langara College