Langara College Marks One-Year Milestone for Sexual Respect Ambassador Program

Today marks the one-year milestone for Langara College’s Sexual Respect Ambassador Program. Langara College developed the Sexual Respect Ambassador Program as a pilot project which began in August 2017. The program was created to support the College’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy that launched in February 2017.

Over the course of the year, ambassadors participated in workshops to prepare them for their role. Training included how to support survivors, how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence, effective and compassionate communication, and bystander intervention. Ambassadors assisted with individuals who disclosed they were subjects of sexual violence as well as provided peer support to fellow colleagues in need.

“The program was developed as a means to create a meaningful way to educate the community through peer support. By having a number of ambassadors, we can more effectively spread awareness, as well as educate a larger number of people. It’s been wonderful to see both employees and students step forward as champions in creating a safer community for everyone,” says Maggie Ross, Director of Student Conduct & Judicial Affairs.

After the launch of the employee program, a number of students came forward wanting to participate, and as a result, a student ambassador program was created in November of the same year. From 2017–2018, the student ambassadors have received training on the subject  and have helped promote consent and sexual violence awareness through their participation in Sexual Respect Awareness Day (as part of Pink Shirt Day)

“Our students have been very responsive about the program. Many of them have included sexual consent as a theme for their projects. For example, we had Marketing students create campaigns to help promote consent as well as Design Formation students come up with a great poster that speaks to our audience (their peers),” says Jennifer Cheddie, Student Conduct Officer, and the coordinator for the Sexual Respect Student Ambassador Program.

To date, there are 33 staff ambassadors and 10 student ambassadors. The College plans to continue with its Sexual Respect Ambassador Program.

Original article from Langara College