Langara’s Science and Technology Building awarded LEED® Gold status

Langara College’s newest addition, the Science and Technology Building, officially received LEED®gold status on October 4, 2017. LEED®, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a global rating system recognizing sustainable and energy efficient practices. The Science and Technology Building received 67 LEED® points to achieve gold status.

“The completion of Langara’s Science and Technology Building is a true achievement of technological innovation and teamwork. I’d like to congratulate the entire project team on the well-deserved LEED® gold status for our newest building,” said Lane Trotter, President and CEO of Langara College.

LEED® points are awarded for a building’s energy-efficient features. The Science & Technology building won points for its reflective and green roofs, energy-efficient building envelope, low-flow fume hoods, occupancy light sensors, a Thermenex heat recovery system, local, sustainable building materials and more.

“The Science and Technology Building is our signature building and incorporates some of the highest innovations in environmental design. As a testimony to our ongoing commitment to energy management and sustainability, it is one of three LEED® buildings on campus,” said Wendy Lannard, Senior Consultant and former Director of Facilities.

“I think for us, this has been one of the most exciting projects that our office had an opportunity to be involved with. Over the years, LEED® has raised the bar for doing greener and greener buildings. Sustainable design is growing and thriving. As architects, we like to design buildings that are not just energy efficient but healthy and that people want to live work and play in,” added Kori Chan, Partner Architect for Proscenium.

The Science and Technology Building is located on the northwest side of the campus by the Library building and adds 12,039 square metres (129,587 square feet) of much needed space to the College’s main campus on 100 West 49th Avenue in Vancouver. It houses state-of-the-art biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, nursing, and computing science labs, as well as a lecture hall, multi-purpose classrooms, and collaborative study spaces. It also houses Registrar & Enrolment Services and a Subway outlet. 

Construction began in 2013 as part of Phase II (of IV) of the Master Plan to upgrade and expand the campus. The principle architects on the project were Steven Teeple, of Teeple Architects, and Kori Chan, of Proscenium Architects. Construction was led by Bird Construction. The building officially opened its doors in September 2016.

Along with the LEED® gold status, the Science and Technology Building won an Illumination Merit Award and was shortlisted for The Plan Awards.

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