Langara Student Speaks At Prime Minister’s Announcement

Langara Student Speaks at Prime Minister’s Announcement

North Vancouver, BC – A Langara student joined Prime Minister Stephen Harper today to share an important announcement about the Canada Student Grants Program.

The grant program, which was established in 2009, provides financial assistance for students from low- and middle-income households who wish to pursue post-secondary education. The original structure of the funding applied to students entering programs with a minimum 60-week duration.

At an announcement at Seycove Secondary School in North Vancouver today, however, the PM revealed that the program would be expanded to cover programs from 34 weeks in length onward.

Student Diana Wilson, who studies in the Education Assistant Program at Langara, was selected to speak at the event about the importance of short-term training programs. The mother-of-three shared her moving personal story about returning to education after 25 years in pursuit of a new qualification and a new career.

Langara President Dr. Lane Trotter also attended the event and welcomed the funding announcement. “Langara College offers a wealth of valuable short-term training options, and graduates of these programs, like Diana, go on to make important contributions to their communities and to our local economy,” said Trotter. “The expansion of the grant program announced today will help many more students access flexible post-secondary traning that will prepare them for career success as well as future education and training.”

Canada Student Grants provide $250 per month of full-time study for low-income students and $100 per month of full-time study for middle-income students for the duration of the educational program. In 2012-2013 nearly 357,000 students received a total of $695 million in funding through the program.

“Our Government’s top priority remains creating jobs and opportunities for Canadians,” said Prime Minister Harper. “By expanding the eligibility of Canada Student Grants for students from low- and middle-income families to include short-duration programs, Canadians across the country will have more access to the skills and training they need to get good jobs and succeed in the job market.” 

Diana Wilson with PM Harper Diana Wilson speaks at PM's announcement
Langara student Diana Wilson (Education Assistant Program) speaks at the Prime Minister's funding announcement in North Vancouver.

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