Langara Welcomes NRC-IRAP Office to Campus

Vancouver, BC – Langara College is pleased to welcome Dr. Rizwan Kheraj, Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA) with the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), who will occupy new office space on campus.

Dr. Kheraj works with small and medium-sized enterprises to help them grow through the successful commercialization of innovation products and services that they develop, adopt, or adapt. Dr. Kheraj provides business and technology related advisory services to his clients and will serve as a catalyst for partnership between scholarly activity at Langara and industrial partners both locally and nationally.

“We’re excited to be welcoming Rizwan into our community, and we look forward to connecting innovative applied research projects that are happening on campus with prospective industry partners,” said Langara President and CEO Lane Trotter. “Part of Langara’s mission is to connect our students with real-world experience and opportunities, and having a NRC-IRAP advisor embedded with the College is going to go a long way in support of that mission.”

Dr. Kheraj, who holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Queen’s University, has more than 20 years of industrial experience as well as 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur. His efforts through the National Research Council have supported more than 1,000 technology firms in BC since 2006.

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