Langara’s Nursing Program Recognized with Top Review

Langara’s Nursing Program Recognized with Top Review

Vancouver, BC - Langara’s faculty and staff congratulated the College’s School of Nursing this week after it was recognized with a glowing review by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC).

A full review of Langara’s Bachelor of Science of Nursing Program was conducted by the CRNBC’s Education Program Review Committee in December, 2013, as part of the organization’s regular vetting schedule of the province’s nursing programs. The review was so successful that the program was awarded recognition for the next seven years – the longest period offered by the CRNBC, and a distinction reserved for exceptional programs.  

Cynthia Johansen, the Registrar and Chief Executive Officer for the CRNBC, offered “congratulations on this significant achievement” in the official review announcement.

"Langara's nursing faculty are a passionate and innovative set of educators who offer a first-class learning experience," said Dr. Brad O'Hara, Langara's Vice-President Academic and Provost. "We applaud their dedication, and look forward to the continued accomplishments of the College's Nursing Program."

“Our faculty have worked hard to ensure that our program offers the best nursing education possible and I feel gratified that our program has been recognized so fully,” said Janine Lennox, said Janine Lennox, chair of Langara’s School of Nursing. “We are proud of our students and believe that our graduates will use the education they have received to become leaders in our health care system.”

Following on from the review, the program will be fully recognized until at least December 31, 2020, when the next appraisal will occur. 

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