Material from Sept 8, 2014 Presidents' Meeting

As a follow-up to the September 8th meeting of BCC Presidents and Board Chairs on September 8th in Vancouver, the following material has been made available:

  • Advocacy and Communication Strategy - presented by RedCAB Communications (Alix Cameron, Cindy Ball) and Jim Reed

  • Taxpayer Accountability Principles (TAP) - presented by DM Sandra Carroll (AVED)

  • Update on the BC Consortium for Skills Development - presented by Roy Daykin, Chair of the Executive Management Committee and Jessi Zielke, Consultant; handout and powerpoint

  • Update on the Essential Skills Bridge 2014 - presented by Peter Wilkins and Pam Tetarenko of the Training Group, Douglas College

  • This ITA update was presented to TTBC Directors, at the Sept 9th TTBC meeting, by Jeff Nugent, COO of ITA,  and is posted here for information of the 9 colleges who are part of TTBC

  • Minutes of the September 8th, 2014 meeting