New Awards of Achievement by VCC Continuing Studies

VCC Continuing Studies is excited to introduce Awards of Achievement, a new recognition program designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of the marketplace. Each new Award of Achievement provides students with a specific skill set aimed at employment or business success. Most awards will be completed in a shorter time than a certificate or diploma. Some awards carry credits that are also transferable to a certificate or diploma program.

Awards of Achievement:

Running a Small Interior Design Business Award of Achievement
This program covers basic topics in running an interior design business. Participants learn about the financial and creative advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed, along with methods, tools and insights for achieving success as an interior design entrepreneur.

Community Services Assistant Award of Achievement
This program enhances learners’ skills and knowledge in community service work with the aim of securing entry-level employment with community-based and non-profit organizations. Participants learn up-to-date computer and administrative skills aimed at supporting organizations by working in office settings, as well as methods of offering quality, client-centered services to diverse groups.

Business Readiness for New Canadians Award of Achievement
This program provides new Canadians with skills in many elements of business administration including human resource management, business ethics, team skills, computer skills and effective job search tactics. Participants learn alongside others new to Canadian business culture, together developing business communication skills and pursuing English for professional advancement.

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