New Career Lab and Culinary Arts Food Truck Represent Camosun’s Spirit of Applied Learning

Camosun’s future-focussed Career Lab opened its doors last week, with an open house for staff on November 28 and an official launch event on November 29.

“The Career Lab is open for business,” says Nancy Sly, Camosun’s Director of Applied Learning, Co-operative Education and Career Services. “The new space is a tremendous improvement and will allow us to offer more innovative services and approaches. We wanted the space to be flexible so it can be used for multiple purposes and configured based on needs and opportunities.”

The reconfigured space, located in the former Enterprise Point at Interurban, features sleek lines, comfortable modular workspaces and natural light, which combine to make the new future-focussed Career Lab at Interurban the welcoming ‘go to’ hub for all things career, co-op and applied learning related at Camosun College.

The term ‘Career Lab’ was an intentional rebranding, designed to emphasize the expanded services and new approach to holistic, applied learning. “It has a connotation that this is a place you can come and try things out,” notes Sly. “It’s where you can apply what you’re learning and work on your own development and plans for your future.”

The college’s new food truck—Camosun Cuisine Machine—also launched its epic student designed wrap at the event. “A big reason for that is that both the space and the truck are wonderful examples of applied learning and services to students,” says Sly.

The food truck is the “perfect vehicle for applied learning, pun intended,” says Steve Walker-Duncan, Chair, Camosun Culinary Arts. “And a true collaboration between students in culinary arts, trades and the visual arts who all worked applying their different skills to get the truck ready to roll and to serve customers.”

The colourful student artwork, which wraps the entirety of the truck, is distinctive and exciting, highlighting various aspects of the Camosun student experience. It is guaranteed to turn heads as the truck travels between Lansdowne and Interurban campuses and to community events around town.

Comics and Graphics Novels student Lia Glidden was part of the team that designed the truck’s colourful artwork. “I did the pencil sketches, inks and colours for one of the zones on the back of the truck,” she says. “It’s really exciting. I’ve never had my art displayed in such a big way before.” Her concept depicts an athlete in a sports wheelchair with a basketball, a child holding a Camosun Charger’s mascot toy, and a medical radiology student examining an X-Ray.

The truck will serve a rotating menu of delicious food items from burgers to tacos, sushi to pakoras and much more. It is designed as a learning vehicle and will be entirely operated by students who will practice the fundamentals of successfully managing a complex business and restaurant operation on wheels.

Original article from Camosun College