New Worlds of Training Open for Selkirk College Graduates

Eight international internships available to Selkirk College graduates place focus on preparing Canadians to become truly engaged global citizens.

Funded by Global Affairs Canada and administered by post-secondary institutions and NGO’s in Canada, the International Youth Internship Program offers meaningful opportunities to graduates in a multitude of programs for placements all across the world.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our Canadian graduates to have the opportunity to work abroad for six months,” says Pat Bidart, a Selkirk College Dean with deep roots in international education. “Having a chance to gain experience through a program like this helps add a vital level of depth to the education students receive and will serve them well in their professional lives into the future.”

In partnership with Alberta’s Bow Valley College and College of the Rockies in Cranbrook, Selkirk College is leading the process for eight of the internships which are based in Jamaica, Kenya, Guatemala and Rwanda. Each intern will spend six months in their placement, in addition to a mandatory in-Canada pre-departure and re-integration of approximately one week each. Students will receive a stipend for their activity as well as support for travel.

The eight Selkirk College-sponsored internships range from a Business Development Officer for the Kenya Education for Employment Program through Colleges & Institutes Canada in Nairobi to a Communications & Social Media Officer for the Women’s Resource Outreach Centre in Jamaica to a Youth Health & Wellness Officer with the Cooperative of Nuevo Horizonte in Guatemala to a music instructor with Ecole D’Arts et de Musique de Nyundo in Rwanda.

Well Suited to Selkirk College Programs

The internship program is looking for graduates under the age of 30 from a variety educational backgrounds. Open to eligible Canadian youth, the program aims to provide international experience, build knowledge, increase employment opportunities upon return, and afford participants the chance to promote international development efforts both in Canada and abroad.

 “Selkirk College offers such a wide range of programs and the background these internships are looking for also varies widely,” says Bidart. “Our placements are in health and human servicesmusicbusiness, and governance. I strongly encourage any of our alumni looking for an international experience to check out what is available.”

Bidart arrived to the West Kootenay in 2016 to take on one of four Dean positions at Selkirk College. With a post-secondary career that stretches more than three decades, Bidart has extensive international education experience having worked on projects in Kenya, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Mozambique, Belize, Jamaica, Suriname and Dominican Republic.

Starting this year, the eight Selkirk College sponsored internships will take place each of the next three years for a total of 24 placements. Bidart says the opportunity to participate in the program in future years should provide incentive to all current and future students.

“We strongly encourage those who meet the criteria to apply this year, but any student who feels that an international internship will help compliment their education should start looking into the program now,” says Bidart. “These types of internships provide invaluable experience that are an asset to employers, but also opens up other opportunities that can only be discovered by taking part.”

There is opportunity to apply to any of the placements available at Bow Valley College and College of the Rockies where there are a total of 20 positions across many disciplines and locations.

The current internship application period is open until March 23, 2018. Successful applicants will take part in the internships between approximately May 28 and December 8, 2018. You can find out more information and how to apply here.

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