North Island College Expands Course Offerings During Summer Session

Post-secondary students from across BC can now get a head-start on next year’s course-load with NIC’s summer session offerings.

NIC is offering fully transferable university courses in biology, business, engineering, English, history, interactive media, math, philosophy and psychology. 

“Taking a course or two over the summer is a great way for students to lighten their course load for next year,” said Neil Cruickshank, NIC’s dean of arts, science and technology. “These courses are fully-transferable, so both NIC students and students returning home for the summer can take advantage of this opportunity and then seamlessly transfer those credits toward their bachelor’s degree.”

The courses are available in three time options, so students can schedule their studies around their summer plans. Students can choose from one of two accelerated 7-week terms, or a 14-week spring/summer term.

Taking courses at NIC over the summer will also save students money, as they’ll be paying NIC tuition for the same credits they would earn at their university.

Summer session offerings are also a great opportunity for high school students who will be making the transition to post-secondary in the fall.

“Students will have the opportunity to try out the college experience over the summer,” said Cruickshank. “It allows them to get to know the campus, their instructors and get a taste of what the coming year will be like.”

Along with the university transfer courses, upgrading courses will also run over the summer for students who may need to upgrade their math or English to get into their program of choice. 

NIC’s educational advisors are available to help students plan their summer schedule to ensure the courses they’re taking meet their needs.

For a full list of courses and to apply, visit: